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Pay Bill

For assistance with your VNASC bill, please call 860-440-9557.

The services provided by VNASC are ordered by your doctor, then billed to Medicare, Medicaid, your private insurance plan or employer-sponsored health plan.  Private insurance plans, including managed care, authorize your care before we visit.  Here’s a summary of each payment option:

  • Medicare an insurance program that may cover home health care services, including part-time skilled nursing care, part-time home health aides, rehabilitative therapy (including speech, physical, and occupational therapies), social services, and medical supplies. 
  • Medicaid is a health insurance program available to United States citizens and permanent residents who meet certain requirements for income, resources, age, or disability.
  • Private health insurance, such as employer-sponsored plans, managed care plans, and long-term care insurance, can be used to pay for home health services (including skilled nursing care, rehabilitation therapy, or services provided by a home health aide), if you don’t participate in or qualify for a government insurance program.
  • Out-of-pocket or private pay may be an option if you want or need more care than public or private insurance plans cover; home health care costs are typically much lower than fees at residential health care facilities.
  • Charitable care is available to uninsured and under-insured area residents with nowhere else to turn. Last year, we provided over $850,000 in free or subsidized care.