Visiting Nurse Association of Southeastern Connecticut



Healthcare today is complex, and often flawed, but we believe VNASC is a bright spot in what is often a troubling picture.  We are financially sound, and are constantly developing new strategies and innovations that enable our patients to recover from their hospital stays, manage chronic illnesses, and stay in their homes.

Our network of registered nurses, physical, occupational and speech therapists, social workers and health aides fan out each day to provide the best quality care available.  Our behind-the-scenes team of administrators works diligently to help people find the programs and services they need so that no one falls through the cracks.  As it turns out, doing what’s best for the individual turns out to be what’s best for our community as well.

They say the future of healthcare is uncertain.  One thing we feel certain about is that VNASC is going to continue to play a strong and very likely expanding role in the evolving story of how we live our lives.  The very network of care provided through our agency is already meeting and answering some of the difficult questions facing healthcare.  We will continue to be proactive, and to look for better ways to do what we do, which is caring for you.