Visiting Nurse Association of Southeastern Connecticut


VNAngels Take Flight!

There’s a thick folder in one of our file cabinets called “love letters.”  They come from patients, their family members, and friends who have taken the time to tell us how much our services have meant to them.  Sometimes they name specific nurses or caregivers who have done an exceptional job, but they always express their gratitude for our agency in the most profound and heartfelt ways.  We treasure these letters, share them with one another, congratulate those who have been recognized, and like all inspiring mementos, take them out once in a while to remind us of what is really important.

Catherine Irwin, who has been a dear friend to VNASC for many years, decided to pay tribute to our nurses in a different way.  She created a special “VNAngel” pin to help us celebrate our centennial anniversary in honor of her sister Angela, who died of cancer a  few  years earlier.  To us, the pins are a symbol of everything we believe that we stand for:  outstanding healthcare, compassionate staff, dedication to quality, and  commitment to our community.

Inspired by Catherine’s pin and our folder of love letters, we  formed a giving club called the VNAngels.  It provides our patients, friends and community with an opportunity to get more involved, give back, and have fun together.  The annual fee is $50 for individuals and $75 per couple,  new members will  receive one of Catherine’s angel pins.  Members will be invited to attend two social events during the course of the year.  All are welcome.

Contact Mary Milanese at 860 444-1111 or email if you are interested in joining the VNAngels.    We would appreciate your support of VNASC.