Visiting Nurse Association of Southeastern Connecticut



Schools mandate that immunizations are current to prevent epidemics of vaccine preventable contagious diseases such as measles, pertussis (whooping cough) and polio.


The state of Connecticut requires vaccines to be administered prior to enrollment in school.  Vaccine requirements for school entry help ensure that most people are protected through immunizations.  Because contagious diseases spread among susceptible people (those who have not been adequately immunized), vaccination reduces the chance of infection and outbreaks of disease in schools and communities by reducing the number of unprotected people who may be infected and subsequently transmit the disease.

The school nurse is an excellent resource for information about immunizations. Every possible effort is made to ensure that children can attend school to learn.  Some of our school districts provide School Based Health Centers where immunizations can be given in the schools with parent’s permission.

The VNASC also has a monthly immunization clinic. Please visit our Clinic page for dates and times.

VNASC strives to keep updated on the latest information regarding vaccines.  We use this knowledge and our role as school nurses to ensure that immunizations are available for all children.